Too many people using this “f” word. And I don’t mean f@*k. BUSY it is. How often do you ask question “how are you” and hear “busy man!”. Think about that, it’s epidemic! I understand that we live in busy age, we passed the stone age, iron age and gotten to BUSY AGE. If I could say my opinion I would say that “busy” is a state of mind. Same as happiness. 

We might be busy for sure and unfortunately the technology we are surrounded by does not help. Instead of helping us to make things easier, we just do it faster! More tasks, more apps, more people, more hustle… Look around, when people are not “busy” they make themselves “busy” by reaching for their precious gadget. does your neck hurt from bending? 

Wake up people! We already live in virtual reality. We don’t talk each other, when there is something exciting happening around us ,we tend to get phoneout and take photo or video. A lot of it! We’re looking to the world through the lens of smart phone. The bigger the better. And the worst time is coming late afternoon, battery is flat! Anxiety attack, what am I going to do? My brain can’t coop with such a loss and go home to get online…

It does not have to be that way. When did you spend last time whole day with no phone, no computer, no display. I can’t recall one in my own life and it feels bad. Real bad. I will challenge myself and I’d like to challenge you too. Let’s lock in 1 day per month like that. Awesome day with no technology. Imagine how it could look like…

…I’m waking with no alarm to Oliver’s yawns. Rain drops are quickly smashing on our tin roof. Having in bed both my favourite people in the world makes me smile. Summer is gone and warmth of our blanket does not let me to leave bed for a little longer. Cuddles with the family help Sun with rising and I have a feeling that rain won’t last long. Morning rainbow definitely terminate water falling and clouds leave with no trace. Every now and then I like my Super Smoothie in bed. What a treat! 

Sun is out and summer is back! At least today, but today counts. Today is my day with no technology, just water sun and family. Thank god it’s Monday! And when we hit the beach at 11am there is virtually no one. Unfortunately surf looks like Balaton lake so surfing is out of the game today. But it’s OK. We build our big blue beach tent. Best tool to have at the beach. Sun protector, wind shield and cool thing to have in general. Ollie is crawling around naked and Kat and I read our books. Family day de luxe. If i had my phone I would take a photo and shared with the world…blablabla bullshit!

My ADD is kicking in about an hour later. Need to do something, move around, jump in the water or something! It’s not hot enough so I decided to go for a run 2 laps at the beach makes me warm enough to jumpto the ocean. What a life! When I was a child we did not have a sea or ocean. Land lock land kids dream about life like this. And now we have it! I want to appreciate it every day, this is not for granted. It holidays EVERY DAY, yay :-)


  “Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back” - Harvey MacKay 

It’s time to be awesome.