Massage Connection


What is your strongest desire? It is very unfortunate how shallow our daily conversations have become. “Busy” time often results in a high number of “to do list” items. But I believe, in most cases, the answer is to live healthy, happy, and inspired. Everything comes down to those three and health is number one, no doubt. With such a huge focus on visuals and valet, our inner health is lacking attention. The main components are the quality of nutrients flowing through our veins and effective toxin removal. Food and supplements fulfil the first requirement. 

Physical activity and raising the heart rate is connected to a feel good/look good effect. With the secretion of many hormones comes harmony and boosted self-esteem. The only workout you will ever regret is the one you did not do. 

Blood, having it’s own pump - the  heart - is responsible for oxygen and nutrients supply to cells, but not for waste removal. All toxic material accumulates in the lymph, which does not circulate as easily as blood. Lymph does not have a pump. It needs your work - move move move. Exercise helps move lymph. 

Massage helps with lymph circulation too; which means faster toxin removal and muscle recovery. Did I forget to mention that it's relaxing? Yes, amazingly relaxing. 

Next time you have a masage, think of how you often end up with a blocked nose. Ever wondered why? It’s one of the ways the human body eliminates toxins - phlegm. Another way is breath, sweat, urine, and the main one... smelly one that no one talks about. Shhhhhh 


Shit. Shhhhh

Let’s get back to masage though. There are plenty of massage salons around but who to trust? It can so impersonal. Someone gets into my private zone, my energy field. That's close! Human touch is very important for feeling connected. And I don’t mean to the wwweb. No lightning screen, no text, no video. Pure Human Connection. Human touch. In India, families and friends used to(and in many places still do) massage each other a couple times a week. It is a great bonding and relaxing energy exchange, so rare in our hectic world these days. 

Sydney, where we live right now, as any big city, offers compromised quality of fresh food from mass productions and it's unfortunate over use of chemicals, processed foods, water, GMO, you name it. We can’t control everything but many things we can. Helping our bodies on a regular basis with toxin elimination would benefit everyone in the short and long term. Regular massage is the answer. When you receive a massage, it feels great. When you give, it feels good and it’s an exercise if you do it properly. 

And now the good news, our experiment was a success. We have tried a couple of “pilots” of  “Massage party”. We don’t drink, it is not sexual, it is not perverted, and it is not paid. Get together with a small group of up to 8 people and make your own unique event experience.

The requirements are - a will to learn, a will to teach, a will give and a will to get. 

Everybody involved gets and gives a massage.

It’s time to be awesome, it’s time for the next massage party!

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Time as the main commodity

In memory of Glen Jennings

Time is something we all wish we had more of. Yet time, in Einstein’s theory, is elastic. You can have as much time as you need to do anything you want as long as you start doing it, rather than willing away time thinking about it. 

There are times in our lives when time stands still. Breathless, moments of love, pain, surprise, shock, when no clock has the measure. Other times it rushes by, barely glimpsed in the intensity of its expenditure. 

There is no time like the present. Yet the future is tantalisingly close and the past still warm at our feet. 

Now is the time of Plutonic events. Major shifts in society, the economy, ecology, and together in the collected unconscious. New relationships form as quickly as old ones bite the dust. New businesses and new ways of doing business emerge as old businesses and old ways die at the touch of a button.

In this pivotal age of the phoenix a newly feathered bird is taking flight from the soft and dusty ashes of times past.

Those with hindsight may wring their hands at what had been lost, but foresight delivers an interesting possibility. Time is like tomorrow. It will always be there…

It is your best use of it that will stand the test of Time.


NOW is Time To Be Awesome