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Technology is evolving very fast. Despite turbulences, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. This new (r)evolution will impact all aspects of our lives. We can pretend it's not happening or take care of the future. Educate yourself. Education promotes an informed decision. What way are you going to approach this new trend? We are still in early stages. That is giving us very positive upside, yet at the same time certain risks. Safety first! Everything seems difficult at the beginning. Don't get burnt! Let's get you started right. Are you ready?

Having a good understanding of your own reasons, goals, risk management and the right mindset will prevent you from getting burnt.  There are people in the space who might try to take advantage of newbies, unfortunately. Scams, fake people and fake projects. With a proper guidance you can avoid it. Or limit the possibility at least.

I have been monitoring the space for over half a year (close to 1000 hours now!). It has become my passion and way of life. Join me on this journey, get informed and then make your own decision what direction you want to take. I am not a professional licensed financial advisor, but I have a good understanding of whole blockchain/crypto industry.




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