Awesome Mate Challenge

Would you like to have more energy? Better sleep? Good mood and toned body?
AMC has been designed to speed up your pathway to be healthy, happy and confident.

Awesome Mate Challenge means being the best you can. Or being as close as possible. For you, for others and forever. 8 weeks of simple routines and behaviour could change your life for good. Find great balance by taking care of your mind, body & soul. Daily support and encouragement from your Awesome Mate will make this fun, enjoyable and effective.

All challenge activities are backed up by positive experience, outcome and science. Expect to spend around 15 mins a day to implement new routines into your life. You will find a video in your inbox every Sunday explaining what is required for the following week and why it is important.

We’ll focus on SLOW Changes (Sustainable Lasting Optimal Wise) and tracking your progress. Counting your points every week will impact the leaderboard. The best team at the end wins great prizes.

What can you expect?

Positive feedback from previous challenge participants confirmed many great benefits of AMC, including more energy, better sleep, mood, digestion, weight loss, lower heart rate, better decision making, increased stress resistance, less frustration and less anxiety. Feeling well and happy in your own skin.

There are no losers in the AMC, you can only gain.

I know, sounds nebulous, what exactly is it? 

Claim your FREE ebook with High 5 Essential tips from the challenge. Little sneak peak what we will build on together. 


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